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What To Wear

A little about color: 

Colors can be divided into two main camps, warms and cools. Warm colors consist of reds, oranges, and yellows – basically the colors of a sunset. Cools are blues, purples, and greens. When deciding what to wear, especially with a group of people, such as a family or a couple, it is helpful to stick to the same ‘color family’, this will help to have the most cohesive look. In general, browns and creams go well with warm colors. Grays and blacks go well with cool colors. Denim will match everything. We encourage people to avoid stark white, as it washes out your face and can overtake the photo, especially on a very sunny day. Solid colors or small prints normally photography best, as it keeps the attention on the faces and not the clothing.  Blacks can be very classy, but can also become boring without some added detail. If you are going to wear a cute black dress, throw in a brightly colored scarf or some fun jewelry that would add a pop of color. We do not recommend florescent colors, but rather rich tones because they pop the subject off the background and keep the subject the focus of the photo. However, muted, softer colors flow the best between the subject and the background (sea-foam green, mustard yellow, maroon, etc.), so this is always a nice option as well.

Portraits (individuals): 

When it’s just you, looking cohesive doesn’t apply as much. So this is where you can have some fun and show off your personality a bit more! If you are doing individual portraits, especially senior pictures, we recommend bringing several outfits. Usually, most people bring something formal, something casual, and something uniquely them. As before, colors are fabulous, but so are browns, creams, and grays.