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Engagement Sessions

Congratulations! Has it sunk in yet that you’re getting married!? This is such an exciting time for you and we would be honored to be a part of it. We LOVE weddings and are passionate about documenting each moment of your love story, beginning with your engagement celebration.  At the end of your session we will have for you a collection of timeless images that can be passed down through your family for years to come. 

Engagement sessions are a fun, laid back time and a great opportunity to get to know our bride and groom even better.  It’s a time for you to get more comfortable in front of the camera and become better acquainted with poses and interacting with each other prior to the wedding day.  We don’t want you to stress over every detail of the photo…the best angle or if your hair is out of place. Rather, we want you to have fun with each other and ignore the camera, so that the best and most candid photos can be captured.

The location of your session speaks to who you are as a couple, so we generally discuss this and make plans accordingly when we meet for your first consultation. This session generally last 2- 3 hours. If you are planning a clothing change, remember that it may need to be done in the car as many locations are remote.


Engagement sessions are included in our wedding packages (see wedding pricing/info), but can also be purchased separately if needed. -  $250.00


Session Includes:

  • 1 hour session
  • Location of your choice
  • Multiple outfit changes
  • Disc with edited images & copyright release
  • $125 additional for a second location



After the guests have gone and the dress is hung, you want to be certain that you will never forget this amazing day.  This is the one choice in all of your planning that endures.  This is a worthy investment you will make in preserving the memories that capture who you are as a couple.  We strive to document your wedding with beautiful images that allow you to relive the anticipation, the laughter, the tears, the joy and the love every time you look through them.  It's not just about the dress and the pretty flowers ... it's about a connection between all the people at your celebration and the moments that authentically happen on that day.  Moments and memories that will mean the most to you when your day has come to an end.

 The relationship you form with your wedding photographer is so important! Trust in your photographer’s work, experience and character is essential!  That’s why we find it so important to meet over coffee so we can get to know each other right from the start. We want you to enjoy your photography experience from the first consultation, to the engagement session, to the wedding day and the delivery of your images. We know this is a huge part of your big day and we don’t take the responsibility lightly.

We have been shooting weddings for 9 years and we truly love it! It would be an honor for us to be a part of your wedding day as well!


Wedding photography options range from $1,895 to $2,395.


Contact us for more detailed package information. To best fit your wedding day needs, customized packages are always available.  We know not everyone’s wedding day looks the same, so please don’t hesitate to ask for a personalized quote.


Additional Options:

  • Boudoir Session (that includes an 8x8 Album) - Perfect for a Groom's Gift - $450
  • Customized 10 x 10 Wedding (Lay Flat) Album - $350.00
  • Parent 8x8 (Lay Flat) Album  - $250
  • Save The Date Master Creation Fee - $75 - Order your cards where convenient, and cost effective for your needs.

Maternity & Newborn

This is such an exciting time for your growing family! This is a time in life that flies by, so don’t miss the opportunity to document these precious memories.


Maternity – We want your belly to be big and beautiful…but not too big! It’s helpful for you to be able to move about easily and hold a position. Generally around 30 - 35 weeks is a good time to do your session. It’s fun to bring props that will be meaningful to your child years from now and that will make your images unique. Depending on the time of year and weather permitting, we enjoy doing maternity sessions at a park location. If that is not possible, we opt for doing the session in your home. This session lasts approximately 1-1 ½ hours.

Maternity Session - $250


  • Location of your choice
  • Multiple outfit changes
  • Disc with edited images & copyright release


Newborn – Within the first 2 weeks a newborn is still sleepy and new.  This is the best time to capture their fresh, newborn look.  After a few weeks the baby's sleep less, start moving around much more, and are less likely to want to be "bundled up".  It is still possible to get great images.  But the first 2 weeks are a sweet time to capture their first days of life at home with their family.  One of the most important things to remember for the newborn session, is that the baby "runs the show".  Many times the baby will need to have a diaper change and be fed during a session.  We just go with the flow and work around the baby's needs.  We generally do these sessions in your home and incorporate the baby's nursery and surroundings in the images.  The session lasts approximately 2-3 hours.

Newborn Session - $350


“Watch Me Grow” Packages – Package pricing can be divided between the sessions, to help make more affordable.

3 Session Package - (Newborn, 6 Month and 1 Year) - $650

4 Session Package - (Maternity, Newborn, 6 Month and 1 year) - $850


It’s such a joy for us to watch families grow through the years, as we have the privilege of spending time with them through many milestones in their lives. This session is a time to celebrate all the changes your family is experiencing. We do posed shots, but our favorite images capture candid moments of play and interaction. We will make sure to get different combinations of your family, including individuals of kids, sibling shots, kid’s with mom, kid’s with dad, mom and dad together and of course the whole family. We’ll do a number of different poses as we walk around the location to get different backgrounds and perspectives. This session lasts approximately 1-1 ½ hours.


Standard Session - $250

Extended Family Session (10 or more) - $350



  • Location of your choice
  • Disc or digital download of edited images
  • Copyright Release

High School Seniors

You’re almost there! Graduation will be here before you know it! We would be thrilled to be a part of this exciting time in your life…your senior year. We want to capture your personality, your interests and activities that tell the unique story of your high school experience through your images.

There are many location options that we can discuss. It’s nice to see what your personality is, and what location best fits you! Choose from Rustic, Park or City atmosphere.

It’s fun to have a few different looks for your session, most of our seniors bring something casual, something dressy and something unique to them, however, those categories definitely range. Honestly, it’s whatever you want and it’s all about you. If you do plan for clothing changes, remember that it may need to be done in the car, as many locations are remote.

Props aren’t for everyone, but they can make a fun addition to sessions. They help tell the story of who you are. Things like sports gear/outfits, musical instruments, frames or signs, cap and gown, flowers, pets and even your car.

This session last approximately 2-3 hours.


Senior Session - $350



  • 1 location of your choice
  • 3 - 4 outfit changes
  • Disc or digital download of edited images
  • Copyright release
  • Keepsake/Proofbook
  • Additional location  would be an additional $125

Portrait Blends

Portrait Blends are unique pieces of art.  We take your favorite image and create a scenic blend of color and texture.  We then add wordart of your choosing, or something from our collection.  We have them printed on a matboard and texture sprayed, so that you are able to frame without the need for glass.  Our favorite crop is a square crop.  But we are able to do any size of your choosing.


10 x 10 - $125

12 x 12 - $175

20 x 20 - $225

What To Wear

A little about color: 

Colors can be divided into two main camps, warms and cools. Warm colors consist of reds, oranges, and yellows – basically the colors of a sunset. Cools are blues, purples, and greens. When deciding what to wear, especially with a group of people, such as a family or a couple, it is helpful to stick to the same ‘color family’, this will help to have the most cohesive look. In general, browns and creams go well with warm colors. Grays and blacks go well with cool colors. Denim will match everything. We encourage people to avoid stark white, as it washes out your face and can overtake the photo, especially on a very sunny day. Solid colors or small prints normally photography best, as it keeps the attention on the faces and not the clothing.  Blacks can be very classy, but can also become boring without some added detail. If you are going to wear a cute black dress, throw in a brightly colored scarf or some fun jewelry that would add a pop of color. We do not recommend florescent colors, but rather rich tones because they pop the subject off the background and keep the subject the focus of the photo. However, muted, softer colors flow the best between the subject and the background (sea-foam green, mustard yellow, maroon, etc.), so this is always a nice option as well.

Portraits (individuals): 

When it’s just you, looking cohesive doesn’t apply as much. So this is where you can have some fun and show off your personality a bit more! If you are doing individual portraits, especially senior pictures, we recommend bringing several outfits. Usually, most people bring something formal, something casual, and something uniquely them. As before, colors are fabulous, but so are browns, creams, and grays.